The Better Hiring Institute is a social enterprise created between government and industry to drive change in the post-Covid labour market, emphasising helping workers and organisations flourish after lockdown. 

The Better Hiring Institute has an advisory board featuring DBS, Cifas, NHS, DCMS, FSB, Reed Screening, and Universities. It also has industry subcommittees consisting of well-known employers that between them cover 80% of the UK’s workforce.

The Blueprint is a living document owned and updated by the Better Hiring Institute’s consortium of experts across multiple sectors, employers, and government. It is designed to show what change is required within hiring to drive the levelling up agenda and help organisations bounce back better after the pandemic. It is divided into four pillars, Future hiring, Pre-hiring, Hiring, and Onboarding. Each pillar is split into one-page sections of the component parts of the hiring process. Therefore, it can be seen as an overall manifesto or as a specific topic within the hiring process as stand-alone.

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