This Better Hiring Toolkit defines an industry standard for schools and colleges working with supply chains. It provides simple guidance to support you to ensure high standards in hiring and onboarding as this is critical in protecting pupils and the communities that the schools serve. The Toolkit supports schools and colleges to benchmark their current processes of hiring both temporary and permanent staff from their supply chains and learn from best practice across the sector.

‍Those responsible for recruiting or supervising staff or volunteers in schools and colleges have an obligation to conduct a safe and fair recruitment process.

The Better Hiring Toolkit is curating and nurturing a safeguarding mindset, including sharing effective references to ensure that vulnerable people across the UK labour market are being protected as effectively as possible. It has been compiled as a collaboration between the Better Hiring Institute, Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS), the Safer Recruitment Consortium, Reed Screening, and JobsAware.

The Better Hiring Toolkit for Education is free and has handy templates throughout for you to use within your organisation.  We are so excited to have launched the Better Hiring Toolkit and if you would like to hear more please get in touch with us at


Latest updates

Keep your eyes peeled for updates to the Better Hiring Toolkit for Education Supply Chains.