Here at the Better Hiring Institute, we have multiple sponsorship opportunities across different levels. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We are working hard to collaborate with industry and government to streamline and modernise hiring across all sectors and industries. We exist to transform the UK labour market by bringing in a revolution in the way the UK hires staff. This supports the UK Government's aspiration for a modern and agile labour market built on strong foundations, delivering on our mission to make hiring Faster, Fairer and Safer.

Bronze Sponsorship

Our bronze level sponsors have access to promoting their organisation through branded / sponsored webinars, co-badged specific guidance, and co-branded specific one-pagers and briefings.

Silver Sponsorship

Our silver level sponsors have access to speaking opportunities, monthly newsletter spotlights, collaborative social media campaigns and the promotion of sponsor events.

Gold Sponsorship

Our gold level sponsors have access to co-badging Better Hiring Toolkits and guidance, webinars, opportunities for joint events with industry, joint press releases on hiring changes, promotion of sponsor insights on hiring and speaking on behalf of the Better Hiring Institute.

Ad Hoc Sponsorship

To find out more about ad hoc sponsorship with the Better Hiring Institute, please contact us at

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