Better Hiring Institute
The Better Hiring Institute exists to transform the UK labour market by bringing in a revolution in the way the UK hires staff. Working with UK Government the Better Hiring Institute has developed Better Hiring Toolkits to cover 80% of the UK workforce, a Better Hiring Charter to transform fairness in UK Hiring and runs the Modernising Employment APPG in Parliament. 
Our mission at the Better Hiring Institute is to make UK Hiring Faster, Fairer and Safer and we work with over 10,000 organisations across the UK to deliver this aim. 

The Better Hiring Institute has created the UK's first national hiring framework. Working closely with UK Government and industry the Better Hiring Institute exist to make UK Hiring Faster, Fairer, and Safer.  
By making UK Hiring the fastest globally, the fairest in the world, and the safest it can be this will drive increased productivity, cut waiting lists, boost the economy, and get more people into jobs.  
The Better Hiring Institute is supported by Peers, MPs, and an active employer community who help advise UK Government and support the creation of free-to-use best practice. 

What is our purpose?

The Better Hiring Institute exists to make UK Hiring Faster, Fairer, and Safer:
- We want to make UK Hiring the fastest globally by implementing digital technology.
- We want to make UK Hiring the fairest in the world through the Better Hiring Charter which removes barriers and develops best     practice standards to support UK employers.
- We want to make UK Hiring the safest it can be by promoting safeguarding and tackling Hiring Fraud.
- The Better Hiring Institute also offers support and advice to all and represents hiring in the UK labour market to Government.

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What are the benefits for hirers?

The Better Hiring Institute is a driving force to:
- bring about improved and increased productivity in the labour market
- reduce the time and cost of hiring talent
- reduce workloads, waiting lists and idle time for people starting work
- increase sector specific knowledge and awareness with access to our Better Hiring Toolkits for industry
- promote safer recruitment and employment

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What are the benefits for the UK Government?

The Better Hiring Institute:
- brings together experts to help advise UK government on all hiring market themes
- frames cases for change in business, particularly in terms of digital hiring and new technology
- advises UK government on overcoming challenges to productivity and efficiency
- provides sector specific intelligence and advice to support and influence the UK government's policy.

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