The Better Hiring Institute exists to transform the UK labour market by bringing in a revolution in the way the UK hires staff. This supports the UK Government's aspiration for a modern and agile labour market built on strong foundations.

Our mission at the Better Hiring Institute is to make hiring Faster, Fairer and Safer. We are working hard to collaborate with industry and government to streamline and modernise hiring across all sectors and industries.
Faster, Fairer and Safer Hiring

To usher in the Future of Work it is essential the UK has a Future of Hiring. Therefore, the Better Hiring Institute is leading on Digital Hiring.

The use of technology should make hiring faster but should only be used where it makes hiring fairer and safer.

We champion fairer practices for all by identifying barriers that need to be removed for the creation of a truly modern workforce for the Future of Hiring.

We work to encourage the implementation of safer working practices by tackling Hiring Fraud and ensuring that safeguarding is hardwired within the hiring process.

Industry led independent body

We are an independent body of experts in industry and government. The Better Hiring Institute is an operating arm of Modern Work Foundation, a Community Interest Company (CIC)with cross-government support. 

Ultimately, we are streamlining and modernising hiring in the UK. 

Helping companies

We provide information and advice to hiring companies to enable them to recruit work-seekers safely, securely, quickly, and in a consistent way. We are a key advisory group to government departments on any aspect of hiring, safeguarding, and general recruitment within the UK. Our Advisory Board brings together key organisations who specialise in specific aspects of hiring, labour market compliance, worker welfare, and the digital world. 

Supporting a range of sectors

As part of our commitment to making UK hiring Faster, Fairer and Safer, we host subcommittee meetings for every major UK industry, with household names from each sector. If you would like to join your industry’s subcommittee to help shape the future hiring practice in the UK, to influence UK government, to gain insights from experts in fields such as digital identity and right to work, and to hear from industry leaders.

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