This Better Hiring Toolkit for Local Authorities is a collaboration between the Local Government Association, Cifas, Reed Screening, Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS), JobsAware, and the Better Hiring Institute, aiming to give Local Authorities the tools to hire against best practice standards in the sector. It also aims to prevent employing staff who are not honest about their personal circumstances, achievements, or identities.

Local Authorities today are working harder and harder to provide the best value possible for the communities that they serve, and hiring the right people is the bedrock of effectively providing these services. The last thing that local authorities want, or need, is to employ somebody who is not honest from the outset, with overwhelming public support for keeping dishonest people out of public services.

This Better Hiring Toolkit for Local Authorities is free and has handy templates throughout for you to use within your organisation.

N.B. If you would like an accessible version of this Better Hiring Toolkit, please email your request to


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