This Better Hiring Toolkit for Local Authorities is a collaboration between Cifas, Reed Screening and the Better Hiring Institute and aims to give Local Authorities the tools to hire against best practice standards in the sector. It also aims to prevent employing staff who are not honest about their personal circumstances, achievements, or identities.

Local Authorities today are working harder and harder to provide the best value possible from their diminishing budgets. In a situation where it is so important to provide more for less, the last thing that local authorities want, or need is to employ someone who is not honest from the outset. There is overwhelming public support for keeping dishonest people out of the public services. This guide is intended to provide some pointers to local authorities to help them gain assurance about who they are employing.

This Better Hiring Toolkit for Local Authorities is an updated version of the guide ‘Slipping Through the Net’ originally produced by Cifas and the National Fraud Authority as part of the Home Office for the Fighting Fraud and Corruption initiative in 2011.


Latest updates

Coming soon! Updates to this Better Hiring Toolkit, including useful templates for you to use.