The Better Hiring Institute recognises that the UK must do all it can to close the gaps to prevent any real or perceived threat to the public, in particular children or vulnerable adults to stop someone from being employed who might have changed their name for nefarious reasons.

There have been concerns raised, that applicants can hide criminality information by changing their name. Although not widespread or prevalent, it can happen, and we feel that even once is too often. Working with a range of employers from a variety of sectors, the Better Hiring Institute have developed guidance on how employers can identify when job applicants and current employees have changed their name in hiring and during employment, most of which occurs for legitimate reasons.

Download our Identifying Name Changes in Hiring Checklist

Download our Identifying Name Changes in Employment Checklist

Download our Identifying Name Changes Supporting Documentation

An occurrence of name changing is often evidenced by a marriage certificate, divorce certificate/record, or any additional identity document. Our Identifying Name Changes checklists have been released to raise awareness and encourage a conversation with a potential or current employee should a name variation come to light.

One of the most important parts of hiring and ongoing checks for potential or actual employees is ensuring that they are who they say they are.

Taking a more holistic approach to checking names is just one way that you can ensure this. We have worked with government departments and industry to design checklists and supporting documentation that raises awareness of how to spot potential name changes to ensure that nobody is slipping through the net when it comes to recruitment or ongoing checks.

Spotting name changes is vital to ensure that you know that the person is exactly who they say they are.

Download our checklists and supporting documentation to ensure that you have fully investigated any signs of previous name changes and improve your knowledge on tell-tale signs that may need to be addressed.   


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