Fraud is at epidemic levels in the UK, and it is becoming increasingly more organised and sophisticated. The picture is no different amongst organisations involved in recruitment. The Better Hiring Institute and its collaborators have defined Hiring Fraud as any fraud committed during the hiring process; this may be committed by an individual against an organisation, or committed by an entity against a work seeker. The consequences of fraud have never been higher, and we are delighted to have worked closely with the prime minister’s anti-fraud champion, Simon Fell MP, and other members of parliament to lead the conversation on how we can tackle Hiring Fraud.

This guidance is a UK first, working in collaboration with Reed Screening, Cifas, and S T Smith Ltd, we have put together this guidance outlining the practical steps companies and individual can take to drive out fraud and bad practice. As we continue to strive to make UK hiring the safest it can be, this guidance supported by UK government will provide organisations the understanding and tools to tackle Hiring Fraud.


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