The Better Hiring Blueprint for the Future of Hiring
The Better Hiring Blueprint for the Future of Hiring is the UK’s first guide on how the hiring process need modernising.
Fairer Recruitment
The Better Hiring Institute is committed to driving fairer hiring practices across the UK.
Validating Documents Safely
The Better Hiring Institute is calling for standardised approaches to what documents are checked, how they are checked, and when they are checked.
Protecting Work Seekers
The Better Hiring Institute believes that work seekers should be better protected.
A Framework for Social Media Screening
Would you check social media before interviewing a potential employee?
Campaign for Better Referencing
Standardising references cross-sector – enabling the faster sharing of references.
Digital Identity
The Better Hiring Institute is representing hiring on the DCMS Project for the UK.
Qualification Credentials
Do you trust a certificate’s authenticity without checking?
Digital Right to Work
Campaigning for the digitalisation of document verifications.
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